1. Start with more effective quotes
2. Get better results on each individual order
3. Optimise your handling of orders when administrating and producing them
With SalesRed you will get an automated and fully integrated pipeline.
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Quickly create new contacts, easily manage existing contacts, all contact details and delivery addresses easily available. Large, medium and small companies can be managed with extensive functionalities wich are clear and simple in use.

Work preparation

Simply add, manage and apply work orders, delivery notes and purchase orders. Everystep can be processed in files so you can operate in a well-organized manner. Also Planning PRO module will offer you expanded possibilities besides the connection with Google Calendar.

Team management

Divide tasks with the e-CRM module. Each team member can be assigned the correct tasks. But also filter what is not applicable to the function. (this way you can shield a technician from the billing). Also get reminded when you need to follow-up a document such as an outstanding quotation and invoice without payment registration.


Respond quickly to a quote request. A quotation can be sent within 3 minutes! 
Simply add an invoice with two clicks. Online payment buttons and linking possibility with an accounting program makes invoicing more efficient using SalesRed.

Clear and simple

Let each team work together more effectively. Everyone knows which tasks need to be executed and when. Any action will be registered and every result will be added to your company statistics.


Manage a request until the customer requests an offer. Every quotation and order confirmation will be followed up thanks to assistance of the e-CRM. Also apply sales targets for any user and make sure the stages request, quotation and order confirmation are registered accurately with minimum effort.


Fill in new, use templates or re-use estimates. The estimating functionalities are valued for consistent price structure with additional prices, graduated prices, sub-estimates, and more.

Flexible use

Organize the company and manage communication with each other and customers in the cloud software of SalesRed. Available in use any place at any time.


SalesRed Business Software runs on the web, so no installation is required. Quotations, order confirmations and invoices can be made the first day you start, thanks the support services we have to offer.

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  • Organization dashboard
  • Relationship management
  • Quotation calculation
  • Order processing
  • 1 user
£45 ( $55) / month
  • Organization dashboard
  • Relationship management
  • Quotation calculation
  • Order processing
  • 2 users
£98 ( $120) / month
  • Organization dashboard
  • Relationship management
  • Quotation calculation
  • Order processing
  • 3+ users
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Mobile version Screenshots

The mobile version of SalesRed is especially important for sales and mechanics, the mobile version only shows the information you need to know on the go. The sales department and mechanics can easily manage quotes quickly or if it is the assembly service that wants to register a signature of the customer, the mobile version is the perfect solution for a professional appearance towards your customers.


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